We are Spyne

We produce creative content, formats, and production-ready IPs for seamless cross-media platform integration

Film & TV Production

SPYNE is partnered with Los Angeles-based production company Cartel HQ. This partnership, along with the ability to assemble highly competent production teams in Stockholm, lends SPYNE the flexibility to produce its own content.

Integration with other media

TV + Games + Games + TV = continuous and seamless integration between the different media platforms on all possible levels. The firm’s games are developed and produced in partnership with Stockholm-based Eutopia Studios.

Wide-spread collaboration

We at SPYNE are always open to further and wider collaboration with potential partners in the entertainment industry or elsewhere. We like to explore new paths, and we don’t mind walking up front.


Our Featured Works and Projects so far

Our Team

Who are we anyway?

Charles R. Johnson
Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur running an ad tech startup (TV, film, and gaming content). MBA from Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Business and Management. B.A. in Film & Screenwriting from Columbia College, Chicago. WGA member since 2001, working for Warner Bros. and Paramount Television. Also works with Director, George Gallo (Midnight Run; The Comeback Trail - both with Robert DeNiro) and “The Sopranos” producer, Frank Renzulli.

Fredrik Hansson
Chief Creative Officer

A creative force behind a lot of Spyne’s content. A key investment strategists for the firm. Completed studies in multimedia production at Medieinstitutet in Stockholm. Has worked as Marketing Project Manager consultant for SF Media; as a Producer for Milford Creative Studio, with focus on the production of 3D-animated commercials; and most recently as a Project Manager appointment at Disney.

Jesper Degerman
Chief Content Officer

Brings the creative visions, high-concepts and ideas of Spyne to life as the firm’s principal screenwriter and script developer. He has conceptualized, created and/or co-created and served as the head writer on all of Spyne’s titles. Holds an M.A. degree in Film and Media Production/Producing from Lund University in Sweden and a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Murdoch University in Australia.

Reginald L. Austin
Chief Operating Officer

Executive management and business strategy specialist. Has previously worked as managing partner for Libella Artists AB, successful artist booking & management firm in Stockholm, with clients from Warner Bros., Universal Music and Sony Music. Prior to entering the entertainment business, he had a career in medicine and medical research at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Additionally holds a B.S. and an MBA.


+46 38 99 8893

Stockholm, SE. / Los Angeles, US.


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/ spaɪn /

Phonetic respelling: [ spahyn ] [SPYNE]


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  • any backbonelike part.
  • a stiff, pointed process or appendage on an animal, as a quill of a porcupine, or a sharp, bony ray in the fin of a fish.
  • a quality/trait that constitutes a principal strength; resolution; stamina; backbone: a situation that would test a person’s spine.
  • a ridge, as of ground or rock.
  • a sharp-pointed, hard or woody outgrowth on a plant; thorn.
  • the back of a book cover or binding, usually indicating the title and author.
  • The spine of a book; that which holds stories in place within. Container of narratives.

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